Community Outreach Programs

Breaking the Silence: 
A Closer Look at Child Abuse and a Discussion of What We Must Do to Protect our Children

(A Community Education Program Sponsored by the Children’s Advocacy Center of Laredo-Webb County)

Program Objectives:
  • To review state laws that pertain to child abuse & neglect, focusing on the language that addresses the reporting of abuse & neglect, the penalties surrounding failure to report and immunity from prosecution when reporting.
  • To collaborate with local education agencies, facilitating compliance with state laws that pertain to education of school staff and other stakeholders on issues pertaining to child sexual abuse.
  • To spotlight the benefits offered to child victims of abuse by the Children’s Advocacy Center of Laredo-Webb County and its Multidisciplinary Partner Agencies.
  • To afford the audience ample opportunity to discuss concerns, questions and other relevant topics related to the abuse of children.


  • District Attorney’s Office: Asst. District Attorneys Anali Vargas, Adam Muffet, Gerard Cantu-Special Victims Unit.
  • Child Protective Services: Jose Gonzalez, Cecilia Arizola, Jerry Castillo.
  • Laredo Police Department: Sgt. Cordelia Perez; Investigator Alonzo Olivarez-Special Victims Unit.
  • Children’s Advocacy Center of Laredo-Webb County: Sylvia Bruni, Executive Director.

Program Agenda:

  • History of the Children’s Advocacy Center of Laredo-Webb County, before and after its creation: Sylvia Bruni.
  • A Closer Look at Re-Victimization and the MDT Team that Protects Our Children from It: Laredo Police Department-Alonzo Olivarez, Cordelia Perez.
  • A Review of the Laws that Protect Children from Abuse-When, How and to Whom One Should Submit Reports: Child Protective Services-Sergio Martinez, Jose Gonzalez, Cecilia Arizola, Jerry Castillo.
  • Assuring Justice for the Child Victim: D.A. Office-Anali Vargas, Adam Muffet, Gerard Cantu.
  • A Final View of the Children that We Protect: Video Collection of Evidentiary Photographs of Local Child Victims.
  • Empowering Children to Protect Themselves from Harm: radKIDS Laredo.

1. Family Code-Title 5 Chapter 261 Investigation of Report of Child Abuse & Neglect: Fam. 261.101 Persons Required to Report; Time to Report; Fam. 261.106 Immunities: Fam. 261.109 Failure to Report; Penalty.

2. SB 471-Relating to School District Policies Addressing the Sexual Abuse of Children.

3. Interagency Agreement between the Children’s Advocacy Center of Laredo-Webb County and Local School Districts.

4. CAC Laredo-Webb County Multidisciplinary Team Working Protocols.

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