Victim’s Assistance Services

Victim’s assistance services are facilitated by a Victims Services Coordinator (VSC). The VSC assists families by completing the Victim’s Compensation Application which will assist with costs related to the alleged abuse or crime. The VSC also provides social service related assistance to ensure the nonoffending family members and the victim receive proper assistance to overcome the trauma of the abuse. Inspired by a mission statement that recognizes community education as a powerful means for breaking the cycle of child abuse, the CAC and its partner agencies make frequent appearances throughout the community. One of their primary audiences are educators and other school system employees, those individuals to whom children in crisis often turn when they realize that their homes are not safe places. The team has three objectives:

  • To fully inform its audiences on the laws governing the reporting of child abuse;
  • To spotlight the benefits offered child victims and their families by the CAC and its MDT partners, and
  • To offer a reliable venue where questions and/or concerns related to child abuse can be answered.

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